Conscious or Unconscious: God is present

I met Matthew James in 2000 when I worked at Watsontown Christian Academy as Promotion and Development Director. Matthew is the News Director for WPGM/WBGM radio station in Danville. We collaborated on several occasions to promote the school and build awareness of the scholarship organization which I directed and which served more than nine Christian schools and hundreds of students. This morning, Matthew and I recorded an interview for his program Community Forum which will air Saturday March 10th at 12:05 p.m. and Sunday March 11th at 5:05 p.m.

  Matthew James Interview February 28, 2018

Matthew James Interview February 28, 2018


I am thankful for the opportunity extended through this radio station to share my story with their listening audience. The subject of loss, grief, recovery and renewed joy is a common theme for many of us. I recently read an article in The New Yorker, which tells the story of a young child who had been declared brain dead. She has survived for 4 years in this state. Amazing! The medical world has searched to better delineate the term brain dead and establish clearer parameters for those who linger in vegetative, comatose, etc. states.

The Lord promises to be with us--whatever we face and in whatever condition we are.  In His words: "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Joshua 1:5. That's pretty simple. God will not abandon us no matter what! Even if we can't hear Him, see Him or feel His presence, He is always there. He doesn't require a brain to communicate with us--only a humble and contrite heart. Call out to Him.

God loves you and wants to be closer to you than any friend, spouse, counselor, or pastor could ever be.  

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