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I’m really excited to share with all of you that A Time to Die, A Time to Live has been nominated for Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year award.

This award honors books produced by small publishers and independently published authors for outstanding contribution to Christian life. If God has used A Time to Die, A Time to Live to enrich your relationship with Him, then please help spread the message of God’s redeeming love with others by casting your vote now. Enlist others to vote for this story. This incredible true story entails the struggle of loss of a loved one and keeping faith in God in the process. The narrative chronicles a raw and timely depiction of a life and death dilemma and the ensuing aftermath, while illustrating the power of God’s love to heal our deepest wounds and restore our joy. Your vote will help share this message with others.

The winners of the CSP Book of the Year Award will be the books that receive the most votes in each category. The award will increase the exposure and credibility of A Time to Die, A Time to Live—and you can be part of that exciting work. We only have February and March to cast our votes, so please take action now.

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The awards are sponsored by Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA). Thank you for your participation.